How do you cope with an increasingly intrusive government? 

I'm a lawyer specializing in state and federal public policy. How can I help you? 

Thank you for visting my site. I help financial services companies and trade associations unravel legislative and regulatory knots that impede business. Advancing your position begins with statutory and regulatory analysis. What does the sponsor or agency intend? How does the proposal impact your company? Is it legally sound? Is it good politics? Does it have unintended consequences that affect your business, your customers or other stakeholders? What should you do to influence the outcome?


Already have lobbyists or public affairs professionals on retainer? I offer legal and legislative analysis to support their lobbying or creative messaging campaigns that delivers the integrated strategies you need to fight public policy and political battles. 


Facing challenges in the state capitals? I can help. State law impacts your company or association and paying attention in Washington, DC isn’t enough.


C-SPAN, proprietary legislative reporting services, and the internet, make high-speed information collection and dissemination the norm. While helpful, these technologies quickly lead to information overload. The value of counsel is the ability to interpret information and make strategic and tactical recommendations that permit you to respond to or benefit from the information collected. 


Unlike big law or consulting firms, you won’t pay unnecessary overhead. I'll craft and implement the strategies and tactics you need to protect your interests. If I can’t help, I’ll suggest alternatives.


To reach me, or to subscribe to my periodic newsletter about business and politics, please contact me using the form below. Call me at 202.559.4199 or, if you prefer traditional mail, write to me at 1629 K Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006.


Let's get started.

“Okay, you’ve convinced me. Now go out there and bring pressure on me.”

— Franklin D. Roosevelt


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